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What Expenses Can You Claim with a Limited Company?

#Limited Company Expenses #Contractor Expenses #Limited Company

Whether you're just starting out, or you've had some experience running your own limited company, we've created a handy list that'll make sure all your business…

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UK Dividend Tax Rates 2018-19

#Dividends #Limited Company

The UK dividend tax rates for 2018-19 are very similar to the previous tax year. However, there are a few changes that will allow you to…

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Purchasing a Van through a Limited Company

#Limited Company #Contractor Expenses #Company Van

Your Limited Company is able to purchase a van as an allowable company asset. Ideally there would be a reasonable justification for your company to purchase…

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How to pay yourself from a Limited Company

#Limited Company #Contractor Expenses #IR35

Paying yourself can either seem extremely straightforward or generally difficult. In both cases you might not know the whole picture, so below is a short video…

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How to setup up a Limited Company

#How to Setup a Limited Company #Limited Company #Dormant Company

With about 5 million individuals now working for themselves in the United Kingdom, many will naturally want to explore their choices regarding what type of business…

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